Are You Cyber Secure?

The internet is a double-edged sword; on one hand it is a fantastic enabler of business and learning; on the other, it is the vehicle for a range of criminal activities.

It’s becoming increasing common to connect security systems to the internet which if not done correctly could leave you open to a cyber-attack.

Criminals are able to access your private networks through security systems usually because they have been installed incorrectly and left programmed as they are when they first left the factory.

It’s crucial when having any system connected to the internet that they are correctly setup and protected sufficiently from such attacks.

Here are our top tips to prevent leaving yourself vulnerable.

  1. Buy from a reputable source who understands cyber security.
  2. Think carefully about the types of hardware that are being installed.
  3. Always get full training on your system.
  4. Separate your home or business network from your security systems network.
  5. Practise strong password policies.
  6. Avoid remote access from public Wi-Fi locations.
  7. Avoid cloud-based systems.
  8. Always ensure you have the latest firmware installed.
  9. Prevent people from accessing your security systems.
  10. Consider locking down networks so only trusted devices have access.



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