Case Studies

Over the years, we have provided a wide range of solutions for the protection of our customers. We have some examples of where our solutions have been used.


Fully comprehensive Intruder Watch security solution

This project has been completed for a HNWI in Virginia Water. The fully comprehensive Intruder Watch solution that has been provided, secures the full perimeter of the property. An advanced security system was required following an intrusion attempt.

Our team has utilised serveral Redvision cameras on this site all equipped with white light. In the event that an intruder is detected, these cameras switch on a bright white light and pan around to focus on the intruder, with support from the white light we are able to get a good quality full colour image even at night when it’s extremely dark.

The property also benefits from a fully monitored intruder alarm and fire alarm system including a private mobile keyholding and alarm response service to ensure a prompt response in the event of an emergency.


Fully approved Intruder Watch system up and running in Essex

Another Intruder Watch system up and running with a fully approved Intruder Alarm system in Essex this week.

This particular system has been integrated with a Texecom Intruder Alarm system and Netgenium IP audio solution so any potential intruders are audibly challenged immediately whilst the monitoring station are alerting the local police.

We can offer many different solutions and integrations so if you think this may benefit you and a project you are working on, please give us a call.


A fully comprehensive video analytics solution

Our fully comprehensive Intruder Watch video analytics solution is one of the best perimeter detection systems available which can be used in conjunction with your existing CCTV system.

False alarms are now a thing of the past due to the accuracy of our software meaning all critical events are captured and reacted to instantly. Intruders often spend periods of time observing a property before attempting to gain entry, this is where video analytics come into play.

Intruders are detected and within seconds a response can be initiated which dramatically reduces the risk of them getting into your home or office. This could be an audible alert, activating security lighting or even call a local mobile response team or the local police.