Intruder Watch Video Analytics Software

Intruder Watch Video Analytics Software

Our industry-leading technology reliably and intelligently detects and prevents crime with 99.9% accuracy

We are uniquely positioned as the most intelligent and innovative security solution in the market for the protection of your home or business.

Our Solution In Action

Intrusion Detection System

Our Solution In Action

Prevent Burglary & Home Invasion

What is Intruder Watch?

Intruder Watch is a fully comprehensive intrusion detection system using video analytics combined with the latest deep learning technology to ensure 100% accuracy when detecting human or vehicle movement within a predefined area.

We can secure any area using new or existing CCTV and in the event of an intrusion attempt we are able to trigger a whole host of actions, this may be switching on security lights, activating a live audio deterrent, locking or unlocking of doors, gates and barriers and if required notify the police or private security depending on the site.

Another important aspect to this system is the attention given to detail when it comes to cyber security, our system is totally independent and does not interact with a clients network in any way shape or form, we have a sophisticated firewall and use dual sim routers as well as a Dualcom Pro communicator to securely send signals 24/7.

All components of our system are backed up and protected from power cuts and we actively monitor the systems health in realtime so you don’t have too.

1. Detect

Detect intruders, perimeter breaches, suspicious activity by individuals or vehicles and system tampering. In real time.

2. Identify

The Intruder Watch solution is highly accurate with its identification of activity via video analytics and minimal false alarms.

3. Deter & Respond

A deterrent to prevent or delay the crime from taking place. Instant response in real time – Private Security Team and/or police response

2. Identify

The Intruder Watch solution is highly accurate with its identification of activity via video analytics and minimal false alarms.

4. Health Checks

The health of your security system is continuously monitored 24 hours a day for total peace of mind and protection.

Why choose Intruder Watch video analytics and security surveillance solutions?

Prevention of crime

Our solution enables the accurate detection of potential crime so that preventative, deterrent or protective action can be taken immediately and in real time.

Efficiency and accuracy

99.9% accurate identification makes ours the leading software solution in the market. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and have a fail-safe back-up in the event of loss of connectivity.

Minimise false alarms

False alarms can blacklist your monitoring system for up to 3 hours and take your security system offline. An intruder may have the knowledge to strategically use this.

Cost savings

Reduce reliance on real-life security detail by up to 90% and trigger real-life action from a security team or first responder only when required and with total accuracy.


Our software is adaptable and flexible and can integrate with existing technology and systems. We have worked with every type of hardware and system on the market in our 25 years of experience and will find the best solution for you.

Complete service

We are specialists in creating holistic security systems. Our operational expertise brings the alliance of surveillance technology with real-life (RSTs) and security teams

Working with leading manufacturers

We have working knowledge of all security systems and technologies, and work with products from leading manufacturers in the design of our solutions.

Bespoke Security Solutions

Our solutions are customisable and flexible to meet the unique needs of each client. Expertly delivered with the highest levels of customer care.

Innovative Technology

We protect homes, families and businesses by utilising the most advanced and intelligent security technology in the market.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

We proactively monitor the health and quality of your system around the clock. We ensure your security is always active, guaranteeing total reliability.

Our mission is to provide total peace of mind and protection for your home, family or business.

Intruder Watch video analytics software is the most advanced in the market, delivering unrivalled accuracy and intelligence 24/7. We are the leading UK specialists in the provision, installation and application of security technology. Intruder Watch is the proactive solution for the detection and prevention of crime in real time.

25 years of security experience

Leading a strong team of highly qualified engineers, Founder and Technical Director, Ben Lewis brings a deep understanding of customer needs from 25 years of immersion in all aspects of the security industry; as an operational manager and expert engineer; as a first responder and qualified dog handler. With a deep understanding of working collaboratively with all other aspects of security in both a residential and commercial setting (eg. Close Protection Officers and security teams), Ben brings expertise not only in the engineering of security technologies, but in the operational application of end-to-end security solutions.

“We can help you to upgrade, improve or maintain your existing security system to the highest standards.”