Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Boost your protection with a professionally installed intruder alarm system.

Introduce advanced layers of protection throughout your property with our smart, reliable, and accurate alarm system.

Bespoke Intruder Alarm System Design

Our experienced, highly qualified engineers carefully craft our alarm systems to perfectly suit your property, ensuring you have the right level of protection.

We deliver true peace of mind through quality alarm design and installation Our alarms are complete, end-to-end solutions designed by experienced technical engineers that bring together the right devices and solutions for your property.


We Have Been Committed To Protect Customers For More Than 20 Years, Meaning You Can Rest Assured That You’re In Safe Hands.

Innovision Security install quality intruder alarms that are built to last.

We offer intruder alarm monitoring services to ensure your alarm is heard.

We are dedicated to protecting your property for years to come.


Connect Your Life To Your Home And Security

Texecom Connect integrates with the Premier Elite Series to allow you to take direct control of your home and your security.

The Texecom Connect app is compatible with Android & iOS. Texecom Connect transforms the experience of interacting and automating your home or business, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in complete control.

Texecom Connect puts you in control of automation. Add in security lighting and security cameras, view live footage even when you are not on the premises.

Did you know? Only 33% of people with a security system turn it on and 83% of consumers have difficulty using their intelligent devices…don’t let that be you!


Our Commercial Intruder Alarm System Adapts To Any Application.
It’s Smart, Reliable And Lightning Fast And Reacts To Real
Dangers To Avoid False Alarms.

A Highly Adaptable, Accurate And Fast Acting Solution For Protecting Your Business.

Whether your property is a shop, showroom or an office, our intruder alarm system can keep your business safe.

Detectors identify threats immediately, whether it be a door opening, a window breaking or an intruder entering your premises, your alarm system will react and alert you.

With our system’s intelligent software and smartphone application, you can even set up working hours to arm and disarm the security system.


Intruder Detection

With detectors indoors and out we can cover all areas, this means your alarm system can detect intruders and alert you within less than a second.


Water Detection

With detectors on the floor, your alarm system can alert you at the first sign of moisture and cancels the alert as soon as the water dries.


Fire & Smoke Detection

Our reliable and accurate detectors provide protection and early alerts against the risks of fire, smoke and even carbon monoxide.

Fire Protection

Is your property at risk to fire? We have a fast, accurate and reliable solution.

At Innovision Security, we understand the risks of not making safety precautions for fire. Statistically, only one in four businesses will recover from fire damage – we can help you to avoid becoming a victim to fire.

Our wireless fire detectors include temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitor rooms 24/7 and immediately notifies of dangerous CO levels, smoke, and sharp jumps in temperatures.

  • Registers CO levels, smoke, and sharp jumps in temperatures
  • Provides immediate notifications of danger

Our solution integrates with fire detectors to protect you and your belongings from fire by quickly reacting to smoke or sharp temperature rise.

The FireProtect Plus also offers detection for harmful carbon monoxide.

Let us help you to avoid becoming a victim of fire.


Flood Prevention

Fast, reliable flood detection system to ensure you’re alerted as soon as possible.

Our flood prevention system integrates with your alarm, allowing for the detection of water.

At the first sign of moisture, our alarm system will alert you. It can even be set up to turn off the water. This is perfect for early detection of a broken pipe, tap, leaking washing machine or leaking dishwasher.

Our wireless flood detector LeaksProtect will alert you with the first signs of a flood and can even notify you when the water dries up.

Alarm Sirens

Sirens scare-off intruders with a loud alarm and attract the attention of neighbours.

Our solution has both internal and external sirens.

A compact but loud siren for inside the property – additional LED light if needed. A wireless indoor siren that will loudly notify that the alarm has been triggered. These are specifically designed to be installed within your property to warn anyone within the building of dangers and to deter intruders.

The sound volume is adjustable from anywhere between 81 and 105 dB at a distance of 1m


Reinforced street siren that’s louder than thunder and has lights to attract attention. A wireless outdoor siren that provides clear and loud audible alert along with a bright flashing light when the alarm is triggered. This device is designed to be installed on the outside of the room to raise an alarm for everyone to hear.

The sound volume is adjustable from anywhere between 85 and 113 dB at a distance of 1m.


The Street Siren is a reinforced siren that’s louder than thunder and has flashing lights to attract attention and shows potential intruders that your home is professionally protected.

As a wireless outdoor siren, it provides clear and loud audible alert along with a bright flashing light when the alarm is triggered. This device is designed to be installed on the outside of the room to raise an alarm for everyone to hear.


Home Intruder Alarms

Enhance your home security with an alarm system from Innovision Security.

Indoor Security

We will install detectors to identify threats immediately, whether it’s a door opening, a window breaking, or the presence of trespassers on the premises.

No intruder will go undetected with our smart, reliable and fast acting solution.

MotionProtect Curtain
A narrow beam indoor motion detector that is perfect for windows, doors and large openings such as garage doors.

With a MotionProtect Curtain detector in operation, you can secure the perimeter of your house or office while still being able to move freely indoors.

Burglars won’t be able to get through the garage door undetected with a MotionProtect Curtain in action. The curtain detector will also continue to work even in temperatures of -10°C

Outdoor Security

Our outdoor detector is perfect for identifying an intruder from the moment they enter your property.

Minimal false alarms are guaranteed due to our intelligent algorithms that identify animals or swinging trees.

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Our Accreditations

The system hardware and software we use is professionally installed by our highly qualified engineers. All staff are vetted in accordance with BS4737. meaning you’re in safe hands with Innovision Security.

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