Intruders can’t steal what they can’t see.

PROTECT™ security fog stops burglars in seconds

As a home and business owner, you want your family and staff protected at all times. However, whatever precautions you take, you can’t prevent criminals from trying to break.

The solution is a PROTECT™ security fog system that physically prevents criminals from locating you and your valuables and thereby protects you from being hurt and your valuables from being stolen. You can even thwart home invasions and vandalism before they take place.


Burglars need only 2 to 8 minutes to break into your property which is very little time to do anything about it.

PROTECT Fog Cannon® will fill the room with dense fog making it impossible for the criminal to see, steal or damage anything. The fog remains in the room long enough for the police to arrive. The fog is completely harmless – and will not damage your property.

A flexible concept in a modern design

PROTECT Fog Cannon® units are elegantly designed to blend in with the interior decor of modern homes. Most models can also be covertly fitted behind walls or ceilings. They have been tested and proven in many thousands installations worldwide, making PROTECT™ the world market leader within the security fog industry.

Advantages of security fog protection

  • Stops burglary, robbery, and vandalism
  • Gives you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep
  • Minimises loss
  • Low risk – lower insurance premium
  • Recommended by police and insurance companies
  • Harmless fog that leaves no stains or trace on furnishings
  • No other security devices needed

We genuinely believe that this is one of the very best solutions available to compliment your existing security system, please contact us to discuss the various options we are able to offer you and to see how we can make you and your property more secure.


Speak to our experience team to find the best solution for your security.