The UK's leading specialist in protecting people using state of the art video analytics software.

Providing total peace of mind and protection for your home, family or business, we deliver personalised and intelligent security solutions with market-leading video analytics software.

Real-time, accurate detection and prevention of crime.

Protect your home

Monitor your property in real time and protect your family from the risk of intrusion, theft or attack.

Protect your business

Improve the security of your commercial property to protect against the threat of intrusion, theft or vandalism and prevent crime

Your safety is our priority

With over 25 years’ experience in the fire and security industry, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge about the best technologies and how to use them to protect properties.

We are committed to providing the very best in bespoke and complete security solutions and the highest quality customer service to our customers.

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Bespoke Security Solutions

Our solutions are customisable and flexible to meet the unique needs of each client. Expertly delivered CCTV with the highest levels of customer care.

Innovative Technology

We protect homes, families and businesses by utilising the most advanced and intelligent security technology in the market.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

We pro-actively monitor the health and quality of your security system around the clock. We ensure your CCTV is always active, guaranteeing total reliability.

Design & Installation

We offer a professional installation service for all our electronic security solutions to ensure your system is working correctly.

All of our systems are installed to the latest SSAIB requirements – ensuring the highest level of workmanship at all times.

Emergency Callouts

We offer a fully comprehensive, 24 hour emergency callout service for all contract and non-contract customers.

Repairs & Servicing

Our systems allow our team to run health checks remotely. This means that each componant can be tested to ensure everything is working as it is designed to at all times.

We offer both reactive and preventative servicing solutions.

Why choose the Intruder Watch solution?

Intruder Watch by Innovision Security is more than a simple security system. With video verification, the system is 99.9% accurate – ensuring minimal false alarms. The Intruder Watch solution is ever expanding and provides countless integrations with additional products, including advanced smoke cloaking systems.


With the latest technology and cyber security protocols, our system is highly secure.


Our Intruder Watch system utilises a highly secure self-contained network.


We use a 3/4G secure router with dual sim cards to handle all connections securely.


Our Intruder Watch system utilises a UPS backup facility for all system components.


We offer a simple-to-use IOS & Android app for arming and disarming the system.


With the most accurate products available, Intruder Watch ensures minimum false alarms.

Precise and intelligent security monitoring

Our video analytics solution delivers precise and intelligent security monitoring and detects with 99% accuracy for the real-time prevention of crime.

From the initial detection to accurate identification and immediate response, our solution prevents crime in real time.

1. Detect

Set up virtual perimeters and motion detection in restricted areas and thermal surveillance security cameras for quick target search and responsiveness. Detect intruders and suspicious activity such as loiterers, unauthorised vehicles, or system tampering. In real time.

2. Identify

Accurate identification of activity via video analytics algorithms will minimise false alarms. The system will differentiate between people, animals, shadows and vehicles with accuracy using thermal surveillance, facial recognition and movement tracking.

3. Deter & Respond

Correct identification triggers an effective live deterrent to prevent or delay the crime from taking place. Immediate response will be actioned in real time via the 24/7 professional monitoring station, such as panic room activation, Private Security Team response and/or police response.

4. Health Checks

The health of your security system is monitored 24/7 for total peace of mind. We provide continuous and proactive system checks to ensure your security system is always live and online.

Key features of Intruder Watch

We have developed the Intruder Watch solution to ensure the highest accuracy and minimal false alerts. To ensure all areas are covered and everything is protected to the level you are looking for, we offer a wide range of integrations with leading technologies.

Our values


We will always give you honest and transparent advice and find the best solution for your needs.




Intruder Watch software is the most sophisticated video analytics system in the market and we deliver the highest standards of customer care.



We deliver a bespoke solution to meet the unique needs of each client. Our approach is holistic and we offer the flexibility to integrate with and upgrade existing systems.



We deliver a bespoke solution to meet the unique needs of each client. Our approach is holistic and we offer the flexibility to integrate with and upgrade existing systems.


Our Happy Customers

Our accreditations

Intruder Watch system hardware and software is professionally installed by experts and highly qualified engineers. All staff are vetted in accordance with BS4737.