Making the most of your security system

Did you know that there’s a burglary in the UK every 108 seconds?

It’s a sobering thought and shows how important it is that your security system works properly.

Because, if it doesn’t work properly, it may let you down when you need it most.

Here we examine what you can do to make sure your system is working properly.

Service, please!

Has your system been serviced recently? Hopefully your installer takes the service side of the business as seriously as the sales part, all systems require regular servicing to make sure they are working properly.

You shouldn’t have to be constantly nagging your security consultant to service your system, if it becomes an issue it might be time to change to a supplier who treats servicing with the importance that it deserves.

You accept without question that a car needs an MOT to ensure it is safe and works properly, why view your security any differently?

One hand behind your back

If your security and CCTV systems aren’t regularly serviced, there’s every chance they are not working to their full potential. Which means you are attempting to keep your property and family safe with one hand tied behind your back.

Some security companies will doubtless tell you to start again from scratch, but often it is just a matter of tweaking the existing system to make sure it is functioning correctly.

Do you understand how your system works?

Many customers have a security system fitted without ever having it properly explained how it works and what it is capable of.

Make sure you have your system’s capabilities and how it works clarified at the installation stage, it will save a lot of hassle later if you fully understand it.

Are you using your system properly?

No security system will do the job it is intended to do if you don’t play your own part in making sure it does.

Do you make sure it is turned on each night, for example?

Making sure your security system is switched on gives it the chance to do its job properly, if it isn’t switched on how can it possibly help you?

And what could be the insurance implications if you are the victim of a burglary and your system wasn’t active and able to prevent it from happening?

You play a vital part in a properly functioning security system, make sure it forms part of your regular daily routine and you don’t just switch on occasionally!

Help when you need it

If you are worried that your security system isn’t working properly, don’t take the risk, get in touch and we can help ensure that everything is properly sited and operating to its full potential.

Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic!

Speak to our experience team to find the best solution for your security.