The ever-increasing security risks. Protect yourself before it’s too late

Keeping our homes protected

When it comes to home security, 2020 brought about a rise in the demand for CCTV systems, meaning our expert CCTV installers for Surrey and the surrounding areas were busy at work protecting countless homeowners.

In 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak the British population, like many others, saw anxiety on the increase. The Office for National Statistics found that 69% of us were worried about the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, 63% were worried about the future, and just over half of us were stressed or anxious. This uncertainty caused an increase in CCTV demand, which could be largely due to many homeowners wanting to take control of at least one aspect of their lives they could protect.

Normally winter brings about a fair number of enquiries, which largely begins with the clocks changing at the end of October when homes are in darkness in the evenings for even more hours. This brings about a rise in many homeowners investing in home alarms, CCTV cameras and security lighting.

However, in 2020 the rise in demand had vastly risen with a great increase in worried homeowners. When many things have been out of the control of homeowners, it seems only natural to invest in controlling the security of our homes. The rise has particularly seen a rise in CCTV cameras and home access control.

Our CCTV installers for Surrey have been on hand to assist customers in finding CCTV systems for their homes that provide the security they desire within their budget.

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