Video security and AI technology

Over the years video security has gone from strength to strength, provider ever-growing reliability and advancements that provide versatility in monitoring the security of premises. Advancements in AI technology has made it possible for more comprehensive security solutions in both on-site monitoring stations and through remote monitoring.

Video surveillance has seen a growing usage with AI being used to survey and analyze live video feeds in order to detect for certain people, situations and behaviors. AI technology is being used within video surveillance for a wide variety of purposes from casinos to airports, each analyzing for specific situations from the use of masks to members of the public trespassing in restricted areas.

Artificial Intelligence uses complex software that makes use of AI models in order to check video feeds automatically without the need for human eyes to analyze countless security feeds.

Video security that uses AI technology can take advantage of reduced operation costs, as well as being able to analyse far more data within the same time frame so increasing premises security.

Many companies have not transitioned from their current video surveillance systems for a range of reasons. These reasons can often largely consist of cost, complexity and specific needs. Thankfully there are a range of options open to those that are wanting to take the leap to using AI-powered video security. This can include adapting current systems or updating systems over time when there is budget available.

With our expert CCTV installers for Surrey on hand to assist you, your CCTV system can use AI that is tailored to your specific premises. Different businesses and premises have different requirements and that is where our team comes in with years of knowledge, experience and understanding.


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