What to consider for perimeter security?

If you are looking to upgrade your perimeter security for your Hampshire property, we at Intruder Watch are on hand to help with the latest and greatest security solutions. Perimeter security consists of a wide range of different facets for you to consider, which include:

  1. Locks
    Locks are one of the oldest perimeter security solutions and should always be chosen carefully to ensure you have a secure option that cannot be easily broken for quick and simple access to your property. Preventative measures can be put in place to stop forced entry, including locks being made from certain hardened alloys, as well as being designed to stop lockpicks. If your locks are being used alongside a chain, it is vital that the chain does not provide an alternative weak point.
  2. Perimeter Walls and Fence
    The use of walls and fences in perimeter security helps to physically keep intruders out; however, it is worth noting that walls can provide cover for criminals to hide behind so we would always advise to use CCTV alongside for extra protection.
  3. CCTV
    Most modern perimeter security systems use CCTV to provide constant monitoring of site activity. Our Hampshire based perimeter security team can provide HD CCTV cameras that will be able to provide high-quality images during both day and night that can be used against any intruders.
  4. Security Gates
    In a complete perimeter security solution, gates will be your only point of entry into your property. This means that your gates need to have quality locks alongside a gate entry system that keeps an eye on who is coming and going from your property.
  5. Security Lighting
    Any poorly lit areas of your property offer fantastic cover for intruders if they get through your perimeter wall or fence. This is why at Intruder Watch we always advise you tackle either shaded or unlit areas with additional lights, including motion triggered security lights.
  6. Security Notifications
    At Intruder Watch, our team for perimeter security in Hampshire can help create security notifications in the event of a security breach. Security notifications work alongside monitored CCTV and intruder alarm systems so that action can be immediately taken if there are any security threats.
  7. Access Control
    The use of access control not only offers a way to keep intruders outside of your perimeter wall, it also helps to restrict and manage specific areas inside your property so helping prevent theft from both external and internal threats.
  8. Perimeter Security Integration
    When our Hampshire perimeter security team design a new system, we always look for ways to integrate your systems to work as one complete security solution. An integrated system allows for a more targeted security approach to prevent intruders from accessing your site with each element of your system working together harmoniously.
  9. Video Analytics
    State-of-the-art video analytics is an incredible way to improve the performance of your security through the use on sophisticated artificial intelligence that utilises facial recognition, alongside motion sensors and security lighting. This allows your business to discover threats for an immediate and efficient response.

If you are looking for Perimeter Security for your Hampshire property, please give our friendly team a call today to find out more.


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