Why video analytics?

CCTV systems are usually used to look back at an incident after it has already occurred making it a very reactive solution.

People committing crime are very aware of CCTV and always make a point of covering their faces and wearing very plain clothing in order to avoid being identified.

This means CCTV generally speaking has been less appealing to customers based on a lack of confidence of it having an effect as a deterrent against crime.

This is where Video Analytics changes everything. Images from the CCTV system are constantly monitored 24/7 by a specialist Video Analytics software package which can identify and differentiate between people and vehicles whilst ignoring animals, weather conditions and shadows as well as many other things that create false alarms

For example, if we were to set the system up to detect people, we could then create multiple reactions to that person being there such as:

  • Creating a live audio alert
  • Activating security lighting
  • Triggering a smart phone notification
  • Dispatching private security or the police

CCTV systems can now be used as a proactive solution and actually prevent crime from happening rather than be something we refer to after the event.



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